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We’ve been sent out by Jesus to reach ever tribe, tongue, and people on the planet, and wow what a calling that is! But…where to start: Especially when we’re just a few Christians in Southeastern Wisconsin? This month, we’re going to look at how our mission to the world is more of a mindset than anything. But we’re also going to look at some practical ways that we can tangibly increase God’s kingdom in our area and beyond! Please join us and contribute to this important discussion during the month of September!

Evening Programs
6 - What is our Mission (6:30pm @ Raymond)
13 - 7YS: Why God? (7pm @ Racine)
14 - 7YS: Why the Bible? (7pm @ Racine)
15 - 7YS: Why a Savior? (7pm @ Racine)
18: 7YS: Why Baptism? (7pm @ Racine)
20 - 7YS: Why Worship? (7pm @ Racine)
21 - 7YS: Why on Earth? (7pm @ Racine)
27 - True to the Mission (6:30pm @ Raymond)

Sabbath Mornings
7 - Mission: Follow Jesus (11am @ Raymond)
14 - Mission: Follow Jesus (11am @ Racine)
21 - 7YS: Why the Wait? (11am @ Racine)
28 - Guest: Felipe Soares (11am @ Racine)

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