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Church is a vital part of any thriving community, but sometimes even churches need to revisit the concepts of proper community care. This month we’ll take a look at some of the ways the church has excelled in providing for community needs and at some of the ways we’ve failed to be a blessing in the past. Join us on the following dates for insights from scripture and history as well as thoughtful discussions. 

Sabbath Sermon (Sabbaths at 11am)
“Serving Our Community”
-Feb 2 @ Raymond
-Feb 9 @ Racine

Vespers (Fridays at 6pm)
The Wound pt.1
-Feb 1 @ Raymond
The Wound pt.2
-Feb 8 @ Racine
The Wound pt.3
-Feb 15 @ Raymond
How Can We Help?
-Feb 22 @ Racine

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