Why does it seem like pastors are always men? Even though, statistically, there are more women than men in churches these days, the leadership often consists ofmen. But if you look through scripture and church history, you’ll find that God also has a record of calling women into his service. Join us this month as we explore Women in God’s Service throughout the Bible and history!

Friday Vespers (6:30pm)
- Oct 11 Latoya Wright: Sisterhood of the Traveling Christ (pt.1)
- Oct 18 Pastor Zack: Women and Adventism, a Saga
- Oct 25 David Hamstra: Culture War Zealotry and Adventist Discipleship

Sabbath Sermons (11am)
- Oct 5 Brian Sachse (Raymond): Oh No, She Didn’t!
- Oct 5 Mike Hazlett (Racine): Women Who Honored God with Civil Disobedience
- Oct 12 Latoya Wright (Raymond): Sisterhood of the Traveling Christ (pt.2); Desiree Walker: The Power of Sisterhood (2pm)
- Oct 12 Pastor Zack (Racine): What is Ordination?
- Oct 19 Pastor Zack (Raymond): What is Ordination?
- Oct 19 Susie Hensel (Racine): Let’s Talk About Heaven and the New Jerusalem
- Oct 26 David Hamstra (Raymond): The Meaning of Marriage
- Oct 26 Pastor Zack (Racine): Stones, or Women?

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