One of the biggest hurdles for eating healthy is learning how to cook healthy. Learning how to cook at all is a big hurdle for some! But with these step-by-step recipes, anyone can learn how to feed themselves while also staying on the healthy side of life.

Potluck Essentials

Ok, real talk: If you bring one of these to an after-church luncheon (aka potluck, pitch-in, fellowship meal, etc.), you’re IN. People will just assume your great-great grandma was Ellen White. It’s not that these are always the most healthy options, but if there’s no meat it’s likely going to get eaten, and people will want to know your recipe.

Vegan Goodness

As good as the potluck essentials are, a lot has changed in the culinary world since Special K Loaf was king. Check out some of these recipes for some fun and delicious takes on healthy eating.

****More Recipes to be Added Soon