Important notice

The Kenosha SDA Company is currently in search of a new meeting space. For the time-being, they are meeting at the home of Elders George and Theresa Andrews (contact below) on the first, third, and fifth Sabbaths of every month, the Racine Church on the second Sabbaths of every month, and traveling to various locations on the fourth Sabbaths of every month. This will remain the case until a new building can be obtained in the City of Kenosha.


Kenosha is the fourth largest city in the state of Wisconsin and is home to the Kenosha Seventh-day Adventist Company, located within the city, and offering a vibrant and lively worship experience.


According to the Lake Union Herald (1966) article “Kenosha Church Organized”: For many years the few members living in Kenosha have attended services in Racine, a neighboring city, because there was no church in Kenosha. They worked and prayed and saved, but seemingly to no avail. But patience, perspiration, and perseverance have a way of paying off. On July 2, a Seventh-day Adventist church was officially organized in Kenosha with R. E. Finney, Jr., conference president, leading out. I. W. Morford is the pastor. At present the congregation is worshipping in the Methodist church at 23rd and Roosevelt Streets, but they have plans for their own building. Average attendance is above forty and it is growing. We welcome the new church group to our conference organization. - H. J. Harris


Address: See “Important Notice” above and contact Elder George Andrews III below for more information.



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