Hi there!

My name is Zachary Payne and I'm the pastor of the Racine District of Seventh-day Adventist churches.  My wife, Allison, and I live in West Racine with our three-year-old son Arthur, who loves to climb and roar like a lion, and our daughter Eleanor, who loves to coo and babble.  My hobbies include writing, hiking, playing guitar, and photography.  I'd love to have you come visit one of our churches sometime, or better yet--give me a shout via the contact information provided below.  I never pass up the chance to make a new friend.  Hope to see you around sometime!  God bless!


Feel free to contact me any time to set up studies, counseling sessions, or just to visit!

Cell/Text: 920-609-0483



2018 Preaching calendar

(for full district preaching rotation in the current quarter, visit our events page)



  • Theme: The State of the Dead

  • Sabbath Sermon: After Life

  • Dates

    • 6 - Raymond

    • 13 - Racine (The Appearing, Voice of Prophecy Series, w/videos by Sean Boonstra)

    • 20 - Pastor Out of Town

    • 27 - Kenosha


  • Theme: The Spirit of Prophecy

  • Sabbath Sermon: A Prophetic Spirit

    • A Communion Service will accompany this sermon

  • Dates

    • 3 - Kenosha

    • 10 - Raymond (District Communion)

    • 17 - Racine

    • 24 - Racine


  • Theme: The Life of Christ

  • Sabbath Sermon: From King to Criminal

  • Dates

    • 1 - Raymond

    • 8 - Kenosha

    • 15 - Attending Racine (Abraham Velazquez Preaching)

    • 22 - Raymond (District Christmas Program)

    • 29 - Pastor Out of Town