Zachary Payne

Pastor at WISEN Church Locations

Hi! My name is Zachary Payne and I'm the pastor at WISEN.  My wife, Allison, and I live in West Racine with our four-year-old son Arthur and one-year-old daughter Eleanor.  My hobbies include writing, hiking, playing guitar, and photography.  I'd love to have you come visit one of our churches sometime, or better yet--contact me via the information provided below.  I never pass up the chance to make a new friend.  Hope to see you around sometime!  God bless!


Feel free to contact me any time to set up studies, counseling sessions, or just to visit!

Cell/Text: 920-609-0483



Preaching calendar

Below is a the pastor’s schedule for the current quarter. For full district preaching roster, visit our events page.


  • Theme: God’s Promises

    • 5 - Raymond

    • 12 - Racine

    • 19 - Raymond (attending, not preaching)

    • 26 - Racine (attending, not preaching)


  • Theme: Community Care

    • 2 - Raymond (Communion Service)

    • 9 - Racine (Communion Service)

    • 16 - Out of Town

    • 23 - Raymond


  • Theme: The Gospel and Mental Health

    • 2 - Out of Town

    • 9 - Out of Town

    • 16 - Out of Town

    • 23 - Raymond

    • 30 - Racine