Zack Payne

Pastor at WISEN Church Locations

Hi! My name is Zack Payne and I'm the pastor at WISEN.  My wife, Allison, and I live in the City of Racine with our four-year-old son Arthur and one-year-old daughter Eleanor.  My hobbies include writing, hiking, playing guitar, and photography.  I'd love to have you come visit one of our churches sometime! Feel free to contact me via the information provided below.  I never pass up the chance to make a new friend. God bless!

Call/Text 920-609-0483

Preaching calendar, June 2019 (Theme: Stewardship)

Friday Vespers
May 31 @ Racine: The Vineyard 
June 7 @ Racine: The Earth 
June 28 @ Racine: The Church

Sabbath Sermons
June 1 @ Raymond: The Truth
June 8 @ Racine: The Truth
June 29 @ Racine: The Community