Youth Tent 2018

The Wisconsin Camp Meeting is the highlight of the year for many Seventh-day Adventists in our area. It's a week in the great Wisconsin outdoors, playing games, hanging out with friends, singing songs, going on field trips, listening to inspiring messages, and most importantly growing closer to Jesus. The overall theme for the Wisconsin Camp Meeting was Faithful to His Mission and focused on various aspects of mission work in today's world. Pastor Zachary Payne's responsibilities this year included directing the Youth Division, and our theme in the Youth Tent this year was "It's Go Time" because Jesus told us to go out to all the world on a mission to bring them the Gospel. 

We had a great team that worked hard to put everything together. Pastor Robert Machado gave stirring Gospel messages nightly and every Sabbath morning, Pastor Michael Ehm was our MC and held a series of interesting interviews, Pastor Zachary Payne led worship and coordinated activities, and Mrs. Allison Payne was in charge of hospitality and refreshments.  We also had a great team of staff--Robin, Dorcas, Caleb, and Kenny--and an incredible worship team that led out in inspiring worship. Special thanks goes out to Michael Edge, Brian Stephan, Eric Chavez, Vonnie and Darryl Kunz, Sherri and Jerry Hanaway, Karl and Karen Frantz, Brian and Chrystelle Sachse, Enrique Serna, and Wisconsin Academy.  We couldn't have pulled the week off without help from all of these individuals and institutions.  

We had lots of fun with games and activities as well:  Cornhole and Giant Jenga in the tent, Capture the Flag and Water Fight on campus, and Laser Tag and Noah's Ark field trips at the Wisconsin Dells.  

Our theme song, featured in the video below (performed by Citizens and Saints), is entitled "In Tenderness," and it highlights the lengths to which Jesus is willing to go to give us the Gospel message. It is because of His mission to us that we now feel compelled to go on missions to bring that same Gospel message to the world. 

We were blessed this year with wonderful weather, a great team, and record breaking attendance. To God be all the glory! Can't wait to see you all again next year!

It's Go Time! Matthew 28:16-20.