A Calling Out

Our theme for September has been Three Angels: Empowering Messages for a Fallen World. We’ve been exploring how God gives us insight into the future, invites us to join Him in the everlasting good news, and calls us out of a fallen system of life, known as “Babylon.” This poem is published in memory of our dear sister, Mary Elizabeth Gordon, who read this poem at our Friday night vespers service only weeks prior to her recent passing. She took her faith very seriously and put tremendous stock in the imminency of the Book of Revelation’s predictions. This particular poem, of course, focuses on Revelation 14:6-12 (as well as Revelation 18).

God has summoned three angels

To give the whole world

A message that each must reveal

So they soar through the heavens

North, South, East and West

As they solemnly make their appeal

Let us reverence our God

And give glory to Him

For He’s carefully judging His bride

Let us honor the one

Who made Heaven and Earth

And the waters, vast and wide

For there once was a city

Known as “Babylon the Great”

Which had fallen for lack of respect

She made all of the nations

Drink the wine of her wrath

But God’s law she did sorely reject

She claims she has power

to change times and laws

She sought men to worship the sun

But God’s Sabbath she tramples

Like dust ‘neath her feet

And proclaims that with God she is one

Now come out lest ye taste

Her unsanctified cup

The wine of her fornication

For God’s wrath will soon follow

And you know you can’t hide

From the Cup of God’s indignation

You’ll be tormented with fire

In the presence of the Lamb

For refusing to obey

And the smoke of your torment

Will ascend up forever

And you’ll rest not by night or by day.

- Mary Gordon